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Book Discovery" - promotion opportunities for newly-published or overlooked books

Promote your book in KBoards "Book Discovery" days

This promotion is intended for newly-published and overlooked books... i.e. books that typically don't have any reviews yet, or have few reviews, or just need more attention.

What you get:
  1. Inclusion in our Book Discovery Days post in the Kindle blog. (See example on the left.) We post these on Tuesdays and Fridays at about 4pm Pacific. The table is limited to 16 books or fewer, and includes a clickable book cover, links to your book's page on Amazon, and a synopsis describing your book. The synopsis is pulled from the first 500 characters of the description of your book on Amazon.

  2. A Facebook post about the blog post. The Facebook post may include an image showing book covers; for space reasons it is not guaranteed that your cover will be among those.

  3. An alert about the blog post in our daily e-mail newsletter.

  4. A "KBoards Featured Me" badge to include on your author website. (See example here.)

  • Our family-friendly guidelines apply. No erotica - sorry!
  • Fewer than ten reviews on Amazon *or* an Amazon ranking of higher than 100,000.

Easy sign up: Fill out the form below with the ASIN for your book. You'll receive an e-mail scheduling your promotion for our earliest available date.

Want to request a specific date? Let us know in the Instructions field that appears in the order form.

Sign up for your Book Discovery promotion
Price: $15

The ASIN is a 10-character identifier assigned to your book by Amazon. Go to the detail page on Amazon for your book, and search for "ASIN" to find the ASIN for your book.

6 tips to make the most of your Book Discovery promotion:

Before your scheduled day:

  1. Ensure you have an attractive, professional-looking book cover. The cover is an important part of drawing interest in your book.

  2. Refine your book blurb (Product Description in Amazon lingo). It should be a concise, compelling description of your book. It's the first taste that potential readers have of your writing, so be sure it's free of typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. And don't forget that we're only pulling the first 500 characters of the blurb.

  3. On your scheduled day:

  4. Look for our Facebook post about the Book Discovery blog post, and "like" that post. This will broadcast your book's post to your Facebook friends and fans.

  5. Post your own Facebook status with a link to the blog post.

  6. Tweet about your book being featured on KBoards on Twitter, with a link to the blog post.

  7. Add our "KBoards Featured Me" badges to your author website. HTML code for this is available here. Let us know if you need help with this. The badges can be posted to Blogger, Wordpress, or any other web page.


What if my 'best-seller' ranking improves to lower than 100,000 after I submit my book? Congratulations! That's okay, we aren't too legalistic about the ranking rule. We will still feature your book.

What if my book gets more reviews after I submit it? That's okay, we aren't too legalistic about the number-of-reviews rule. We will still feature your book.

How will I know the date that my book will be featured? You'll receive a confirmation e-mail after you submit your book. You can also view this thread which has information on latest booking dates.

I'd like to have my book featured on a particular Tuesday or Friday in the future. Can I? Yes! Just indicate the desired date in the 'Instructions' field that appears when you sign up.

I didn't get my confirmation e-mail! Give us a few hours as sometimes it takes us up to a day to get through all orders. Also, note that our confirmation message goes to the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account, so be sure to check that one.

I did that and I still don't see my confirmation e-mail! Hmm, that is so weird. Go to this thread and ask us about it there - we'll track it down for ya!

More information:

Forum ads: In addition to our blog and Facebook promotions shown on this page, we also have promotional opportunities in our Kindle forum. See this page for details:

Publishers: e-mail us for discount packages on orders of 10 days or more. Those orders can be spread across multiple books.

Site info: KBoards ( is one of the web's largest independent Kindle sites. We are a community forum with 80,000 members and over 2.5 million posts. Our membership includes Kindle owners, ebook readers, and ebook authors. Book recommendations make up a major topic of conversations on the boards.

The site is rated by Alexa as top 10,000 in the highest-traffic websites in the United States. Site traffic information is available at, and independently at

Our visitor demographics are as you might expect with a busy Kindle forum: most of our visitors are educated, employed, and have discretionary income for consumer electronics and for e-book content for their media devices. According to the web informatics site "Compared with all internet users, the site's users tend to be aged 35-45 and over 65, and they tend to be people earning over $60,000 who have postgraduate educations and browse from home."

Still have questions? Feel free to e-mail us.

Thanks for supporting KBoards with your advertising business!

Note: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to not feature books for any reason. This may include but is not limited to erotic books, books that are overtly religious or anti-religious, books with political or ideological overtones, and books that in our sole judgment may be deemed offensive. Your payment will be refunded if your book is not accepted for promotion.