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Night Camp
by L.C. Evans

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Kindle Edition published 2009-03-21
Bestseller ranking: 1887494

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I wanted to write a fun book for the children in my family. I decided to write about vampires and a summer camp and to add humor.

I've worked hard to make Night Camp enjoyable for kids and adults. I hope I've succeeded. My readers are very important to me.

Product Description

A spooky graveyard. A creepy basement. A pair of coffins.
Thirteen-year-old Shane Andrews hates summer camp. When his parents allow him to choose, Shane decides to pick the worst camp he can find. Night Camp must be terrible. For one thing, activities take place at night and campers sleep during the day. That can't be good, Shane reasons. His parents will realize Night Camp is even worse than they thought and they'll come back to get him. Then Shane's plans for summer freedom fall apart. His cousin Brad, a boy with a huge collection of tabloid magazines, convinces Shane that two of the camp counselors are vampires. Shane enlists the help of Brad and a girl camper named Nicole. The three set out to save themselves and the other campers. Then Shane uncovers the secret of Night Camp -

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L.C. Evans' writing career began with short stories and humorous essays. Her work has been published in a variety of magazines, including Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Woman's World, and Ladies Circle among many others.

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