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The Peacekeepers, Some Gave All. Book 2.
by Ricky Sides

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Kindle Edition published 2009-07-28
Bestseller ranking: 994176
Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction

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The people of the small farm community of Arley Tennessee are attacked by a well organized group of Marauders who plan to return in a few days and annihilate the men and take the women captive as sex slaves. But the sophisticated radio equipment aboard the Peacekeeper intercepts a message detailing the plot. The men and women of the newly christened Peacekeeper face their first real test.

A routine call causes a six man team to be dispatched to deal with a rogue bully who is tormenting the residents of Jewel Mississippi. But when the team arrives they find no ordinary bully. As a sniper picks off their members one by one, in desperation an emergency call is made to the Peacekeeper base. Pete Damroyal learns that an old nemesis is killing the Peacekeeper team.

In the aftermath of the devastation of the United States rumors abound. One rumor is enough to cause the Peacekeepers to journey to Jonesboro Louisiana. Something is killing the people of that community. Some of the locals want to help unravel the mystery deaths, however they are hindered by some of their fellow townsmen. The hostile townsmen want to keep a town secret from being revealed. Can the Peacekeepers unravel the mystery before another person succumbs to the fangs and claws of the mystery killer?

A thousand outlaw bikers are headed for the small town of Alamo Tennessee. They are bent on taking hostages to use as human shields as they push through Peacekeeper territory on their journey south. Can the Peacekeepers prevent the mass abduction of city residents or will history repeat itself? Will Alamo spell disaster for the Peacekeepers?

Cover art by Todd Aune.
Edited by Frankie Sutton. 5-17-11

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