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Stars Rain Down (Biotech Legacy Book 1)
by Chris J. Randolph

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Kindle Edition published 2010-09-08
Bestseller ranking: 988121

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Meet Marcus Donovan; astronomer, day dreamer, and smart ass. He was just another researcher in a jumpsuit until he saw something that didn't fit. At the time, it seemed to be nothing but a blip on a sensor read-out, an asteroid that wasn't an asteroid, but it became his obsession. He named it Zebra-1, and now he's hurtling through the solar system on a mission to see it in person.

Meanwhile, the Earth has its own visitors. Seven massive vessels appear out of nowhere and rain hell down from orbit, reducing civilization to a pile of ashes and rubble. Our world is conquered before anyone even knows we're under attack.

Enter Jack Hernandez, a search & rescue specialist and true blue everyday hero. After crash-landing in the wasted ruins of China, he links up with the scattered resistance and begins to fight back. Having witnessed the invaders' arrival first hand, he's driven to do whatever it takes to make them pay in blood.

Neither Jack nor Marcus ever could have predicted it, but humanity's future now depends on them both. One will be bonded to an ancient warship and asked to lead, while the other is imprisoned, tortured and forced to submit; before it's over, they'll each face challenges beyond imagination in a savage war as old as time.

When the stars rain down from the sky, who will rise up to meet them?

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Chris J. Randolph (hey, that's me!) is a writer, futurist and possible killer robot originally from Redwood City, CA.

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