K B O A R D S    B O O K    P R O F I L E
by David Greene

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Kindle Edition published 2013-12-20
Bestseller ranking: 800282
Genre: Thriller

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On a train from Niagara Falls to New York City, Tyrone King overhears a man and woman conversing in a foreign language. What the couple doesn't know is that multi-lingual King understands exactly what they're saying. He soon realizes the couple are about to blow up the train.

To stop them, King needs help from Sarah, another passenger on the train. When the FBI mistakes King for the terrorist, he and Sarah must chase the real terrorists across country to stop them from detonating another bomb--and to prove King's innocence. King wants to stop the terrorists without using guns or violence--but Sarah disagrees. The fate of the Statue of Liberty hangs in the balance.

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