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Wicked Zionism (Evil Empire Series Book 3)
by Gary Anderson

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Kindle Edition published 2014-01-29
Bestseller ranking: 2295747
Genre: Nonfiction

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Product Description
Anti- Zionism and Anti-Semitism are not the same thing. Zionism is a political movement. This book discusses this movement, its impact on world affairs, especially on the United States, and its impact on our political parties. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. I oppose singling out any race for blame in the political sphere. I repeat, I oppose singling out any race for blame in the political sphere, ever! There are Jews that oppose Zionism, even the right of Israel to exist! There are Gentiles who love Zionism and never saw a false flag they didn't like.

Most people accept, or are resigned to, the right of Israel to exist according to United Nation accords, but seek a two state solution to end the occupation. That solution could include boycotting Israel, making alliances with those Israel counts as enemies, etc. Israel is a one race state, by and large. It does not reflect the values of the United States, and some want many races represented in a one state solution. Israel seems to oppose both solutions, and therefore behaves wickedly towards allies like the chief one, the United States. Just how Zionism impacts the United States is explored in this book.

I have corresponded with Noam Chomsky on this subject and have come away from that discussion with sharp but cordial disagreements. on the reach of Zionism in the USA. There is a liberal Zionism and a conservative Zionism. True liberals and true conservatives are being used by the Zionists' agenda without full knowledge of that agenda. It is crucial that a new consensus be formed as to what is important, the rights of Americans. Americans must seek to protect their rights, of free speech, freedom of religion, gun rights, blogging rights, from infringement of those rights by the Zionist agenda.

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