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500+ Hashtags for Writers
by Elaine Orr

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Kindle Edition published 2014-05-01
Bestseller ranking: 2047534
Genre: Nonfiction

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I fought against using Twitter for a long time. If I wanted to reach people, why not email or Facebook? Or talk to them. That's great for people you know. Twitter helps you get to everyone else.

Product Description
Twitter can be a valuable tool in an author's book marketing strategy. Using Twitter is similar to learning a language. A few minutes a day is more effective than concentrated effort on an irregular basis. With the 140-character tweets that writers can use to reach readers, the key is to organize your work. This book discusses how to use tweets to reach your audience, provides samples across genres, and ends with tips on how to do it efficiently.

Hashtag wisdom can be hard to come by or deals with topics other than marketing. Using hashtags is an effective strategy you don't want to ignore. Whether you self publish your books or want to promote your traditionally published book, 500 Plus Hashtags for Writers will give you a head start.

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About the Author

Elaine L. Orr writes fiction and nonfiction and recently introduced the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series. She has written plays and other light mysteries, and Biding Time, which is geared to Young adults, and was one of five finalists in the National Pre

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