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Writing in Retirement: Putting New Year's Resolutions to Work
by Elaine L. Orr

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Kindle Edition published 2015-12-29
Bestseller ranking: 1547128
Genre: Nonfiction

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Looking for ways to put life experiences into fiction or nonfiction? This book's for you. Why not write in retirement--or earlier?

I took the photo of the Colorado Rockies from the U.S. Air Force Academy grounds. A breathtaking view for any retiree!

Product Description
"Writing in Retirement: Putting New Year's Resolutions to Work" provides a framework for you to decide if writing (self-publishing, for the most part) is a good way to supplement your retirement income or Social Security check. And then it tells you how. What "Writing in Retirement" is not is a "get rich by writing" book. Those are everywhere; this is different.

What better time to start writing or publish your work than when your traditional work life eases? By the time most people choose to stop working full-time or move to part-time endeavors, they have self-discipline and, more important, time. They also have experiences to share, which is why more people are penning memoirs than ever before.

"Writing in Retirement" offers an approach to turning your fantasy into reality and building additional income at the same time. The books takes you from thought process, to types of writing, to preparing a book to publish. It then offers specific instructions on formatting for ebooks and paperbacks, and loading the book to online retailers.

Think of everything you know or all the ideas you've had for a book. Why not get those ideas in print as ebooks or paperbacks? You can even do audiobooks. Does it cost money to do this? Either none, or very little.

There are so many practical suggestions in "Writing in Retirement" that you'll really be able to see how to supplement your retirement income or add to your Social Security check.

Does it take work? Yes. What doesn't? Should you be cowed because you may not have written articles or books before? Absolutely not.

The neat thing is, if I stop tomorrow, I still earn royalties for the books I wrote many years ago. All I have to do is keep them for sale. And it doesn't cost you a dime to sell books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, itunes, Kobo, Smashwords and other sites.

It's time to learn how to make money writing.

Surely there are things you want to do now that you have free time. You may have gobs of money or you may have a smaller nest egg than you'd planned. Either way, you also want to have money when you are 90, so you may hesitate to spend a lot when you are 55 or 65.

Retirement planning is not an exact science, and the economy certainly can't be predicted. Many nest eggs are smaller than they were in 2007, or families are just getting back to the savings they had prior to the Great Recession. Writing can be a fun way to add to your retirement nest egg--even keep it growing.

This isn't a vague idea. I've done it, and I keep doing it.

I sell a bunch of books (thousands per year), yet that doesn't make me a household name. It does make me a bestselling author (in the cozy mystery category) on Amazon. The money still comes in via book royalties, whether you've seen my books or not.

In a straightforward and sometimes humorous style, Elaine L. Orr provides a window to putting your ideas on paper and getting them to readers. And perhaps making some money along the way.

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