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Misinterpretation of stories: silly story
« on: July 05, 2012, 06:08:36 PM »
Today, there was a discussion of ambiguity in story endings. The author felt confident that the story implied one thing. At least one forum member felt confident that the story implied something else. The author expressed concern about what the original publishers of it had actually read into the story.

It reminded me of what happened to my uncle.

He was taking a Creative Writing class, and wrote a short story with a plot twist that he felt ashamed of; it was outrageous and repulsive.

He handed in his assignment; the teacher read it; and the next week, she heaped praise upon it and wanted him to read it aloud to the class. This embarrassed him, but after all, if the teacher liked it that much, who was he to judge ... so he read it.

Then, as she's talking about it to the class, the following dialogue ensues:

 "So, in the main character's fantasy about having sex with his mother--"

"No! That wasn't a fantasy. He actually did it."

"What? That's absolutely disgusting! How could you write something like that!" the teacher says.