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Free Author Interviews! Listen to an Example
« on: July 09, 2012, 06:48:23 PM »
I know I am new to but I have something that I think is worth sharing and I am not selling anyting=)

On April 27th I posted a thread on At the time I was frustrated with promoting my book and had decided it was time I focus on helping someone else instead of worrying about myself. As a result of the post I received a handful of requests and ideas.

It is now almost three months later and during that time a lot has happened. I decided the best way I could help fellow writers would be to set up a format that can be replicated and as a result was born.

From I will be interviewing up and coming, as well as established authors. In addition to the interviews I will also be providing free marketing services for the interview.

My first interview, conducted last week, is now live. The interviewee is Stavros Halvatzis of Queensland Australia and the author of Scarab, a Kindle #1 in its category. During the interview Stavros discusses much more than his book, spending time talking about our current political climate, political unrest in the Middle East, the future of writing (hint, he thinks the future will hold many new genera styles) and other subjects.

The interview is free to listen to and can be downloaded and added to an ipod/mp3 player or listened to online.

Please let me know what you think about both the interview with Stavros as well as the idea for

If you know of an author that would like the publicity provided by a personal interview please contact me using the form on

Each interview is free of charge and includes the following:

1. I purchase the authors book and read it.
2. A scheduled time for an interview to be conducted over the phone/skype
3. Editing of the completed interview track
4. A press release issued highlighting the interview
5. I tweet about the interview
6. I post on facebook about the interview
7. A custom graphic is created to be used on the interview page and my website front page
8. Author is added to "Thor's Friends" page on my website
9. A review is left about their book on Amazon

As a result of this marketing I estimate the average interview will be listened to over 4000 times over the course of the next twelve months from many people who are interested in reading/writing.

If you would like to be considered please contact me.

Enjoy what I have created and please consider adding your experience to improve what I have to offer.

Thanks everyone!

Thor Stonewell

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