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No Direction Home
by Elizabeth Burns

Kindle Edition published 2017-05-20
Bestseller ranking: 81281

Product Description
Hunter Grayson flits from job to job, relationship to relationship, continent to continent until thetragic death of her parents brings her back to her childhood home.While trying to figure out how to move forward, she meets wild, fun Natalya Haven, who quickly becomes the sister she never had. But when Natalya moves in, their friendship unravels.
A second tragedy sends Hunter to a small town in New Mexico, a town out of her own past. For Hunter, that's more than a coincidence, that's fate. Natalya's family will fill the void in her life. Natalya's parents will become her parents. She and Natalya's brother will fall in love. But nothing is ever that simple....

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I just paid for a bargain add ($20) and I received confirmation on payment, but not anything about scheduling. My book is $5.99...but I just changed it this morning to the required $4.99 and I'm waiting for it to update. Can someone please help me?

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Re: Book promos: Bargains | Discovery | Spotlight | Series | Box Set | Audiobook
« Reply #601 on: February 17, 2017, 03:16:20 PM »
I paid for a Book Discovery slot on February 8th, and received an email that the book would be included in today's blog post. I'm getting a little nervous though, as it doesn't look like any Book Discovery blogs have been posted since the 7th.

Edited: I see the post now. Thank you, Kboards!  :D
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I just submitted and paid for a feature spotlight ad for When Least Expected (B009YJEK8G). It said to enter my preferred date in the instructions field. There was no instructions field. I am requesting for this ad to run on Tuesday, March 28th, when the book will be temporarily marked down to 99 cents. Could someone confirm if this date is available?
 :o P.S. Your email link in the questions section does not work.

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Purchased Book Discovery. Did not specify date. First available is fine. Thank you.