Author Topic: 16GB Kindle Fire HD 7" w/ Special Offers $150 from American Express  (Read 525 times)  

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This Kindle Fire is currently $199 on, so this looks like a pretty good deal.  You have to have an American Express card and a Twitter account to buy it for $150.

Here are the purchase instructions:
(i) you must have an American Express Card that is synced with Twitter (see for more details on how to sync your Card);
(ii) you must Tweet using #BuyKindleFireHD;
(iii) you must receive a response message from @AmexSync asking you to Tweet the #ConfirmKindleFireHD;
(iv) you must confirm your purchase and authorize American Express to charge your Card by Tweeting #ConfirmKindleFireHD;
(v) you must receive a response message from @AmexSync confirming successful purchase; AND
(vi) you must receive a confirmation email from American Express stating that the product has been purchased successfully, including all purchase details.