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[I've received an answer to this question]

I've sent .pdf files to my Kindle PaperWhite before with no issues. Now I have readers asking if they can read my .pdf file of my latest book on their Kindle Fire. Does it work the same way? Just email directly to their Kindle Fire email address? And can they adjust size of font? Is it readable?

Thank you in advance.

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For benefit of anyone else reading this and wondering . . . yes, it basically works the same way.

You can email it directly to their kindle email address -- but they have to have you listed as a 'permitted sending address'.  I think it would be smarter for the sender to send to their personal email and let them send to their kindle or fire.  I'd be hesitant to give my kindle email address to someone else . . . how am I to know the person isn't going to keep sending stuff I don't want.  Of course, I can always just REMOVE them from the approved sending list. ::)

If the PDF converts to kindle format, they'll be able to adjust font size etc.  If it goes in as a PDF, they'll need a PDF reader installed on their Fire -- I think one is more or less built in -- to read it.  Depending on the reader there may be adjustments.

Frankly, if one is sending stuff to the kindle, it would be better to have it start as a .mobi or .prc file.  Even word files (.doc or .docx) will convert to kindle format better than a .pdf.

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