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Re: Book Cover Question
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Some authors do not sell that many print copies, BUT the print version makes your books look more professional - the ebook and print version will be displayed together by Amazon, and it may actually result in more ebook sales.  It is also a way of getting your page count up as the page count displayed next to your ebook will be that of the print version, which is usually more than the ebook page count.

Then there is the satisfaction of holding a physical copy of your book in your hands, and having copies to distribute at conferences or libraries.

Thank you - that's exactly what I needed to know. I think I'll go ahead and pay for it.

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Re: Book Cover Question
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You could check out

They have 3 packages, from basic to deluxe, with deluxe being the most expensive obviously :P

Best of luck!
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Re: Book Cover Question
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I have some premade book covers that might work if you'd like to browse my site: