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Wish Granted! Tips, Tools, and Templates to Write a Winning Grant
by Holly Rustick

Kindle Edition published 2017-08-22
Bestseller ranking: 95983

Product Description

Grant writing shouldn’t feel like a trip to the dentist. Take the pain out of the process with this innovative and fun, yes fun, guide. Learn all the inside tips and tools of the grant-writing trade in this easy-to-read and upbeat book.
This book is definitely for you if:
•You break out in a cold sweat when your boss mentions the word ‘grant’.
•You’ve been tempted to throw your computer against the wall while writing a grant.
•You happily tell stakeholders there’s plenty of grants out there … but haven’t the faintest idea how to write and get one!
•You think you can send out a bog-standard letter to a bunch of organizations and get funded.
•Your eyes glaze over when you’re presented with grant writing jargon and acronyms.
•Your organization’s grant success A-game has r...

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Re: New Writers Club! Offering Book Promotion, Discounts, and Free Stuff.
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"Sometimes a single sentence can be enough to fill the imagination completely. And sometimes a book's title is enough." - SARAH MANGUSO
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