Author Topic: Dont buy new kindle in 2018 e ink colour and clear ink major improvments  (Read 350 times)  

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Hold off buying any new kindle as this year clear ink is the new screen. Colour and video is now possible and would not be supprised to see this new tech in a later 2018 kindle. Also cheaper screen tech.

Also colour e ink is also out this year.

Can see a colour kindle coming this year, or early next year. Would hold off that purchase.

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Maybe that means I need to stock up on Paperwhites before they're discontinued. Since I use my Kindle to read books, having fonts in colors is not an attraction. Black letters on a light grey background is fine. As for clear ink, I don't have a clue what that would be.

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I agree with Patrick. I see no added value in a color screen for reading the way I do.

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I have to agree with the other commenters.

I read mostly novels with little or no illustration / diagrams etc and with the recently added font weight options I am now very happy with the way text looks in black and white on my Voyage.

However, since new Kindles will probably follow the style of the Oasis, which doesn't appeal to me, I'm unlikely to be buying a new Kindle anyway. For anything that needs colour I have my tablet (finally replaced my Fire with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and am very pleased with it.  :D )
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As a fan of comic books and with some illustrated works in my writing portfolio, I look very much forward to the ability of reading those on colored ePaper instead of a traditional screen.
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As a fan of comic books and with some illustrated works in my writing portfolio, I look very much forward to the ability of reading those on colored ePaper instead of a traditional screen.

Unless there is massive improvement of e-ink-color from what (little) I've seen in the past 1-2 years (or it's a different technology of color-e-ink altogether), you may find it a rather disappointing experience. The colors don't "pop" very well and the contrast leaves much to be desired.

Me, I like reading comics on my Giant iPad -- big enough I don't need to do a lot of zooming & scrolling to be able to read the print.

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Colour e-ink has been around for a while, but it's very expensive and muted. At the moment I buy illustrated books in paper - I've tried a few in ebook and it's not worth it. Apart from the smaller images in black and white, my Kobo tends to take a performance hit when there are a lot of graphics to load.

I'm actually pretty excited by this, because if the colours can be made to pop more, performance is improved, and the price comes down, I'll be there. But those are three big "ifs".

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I read some military history with a lot of photos and maps so I might be interested.  One thing to keep in mind is the complaints of battery life with current Oasis II so they might be aiming for a good improvement.  That will be worth some thought.
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The only time I really grit my teeth about the current e-ink technology is when the book includes maps. The almost negligible "zoom" feature does nothing to help me decipher the maps, and I've just given up on even trying to use them. I don't care about color, but if better handling of occasional graphics comes along, I'll embrace it.