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Hunter Grayson flits from job to job, relationship to relationship, continent to continent until thetragic death of her parents brings her back to her childhood home.While trying to figure out how to move forward, she meets wild, fun Natalya Haven, who quickly becomes the sister she never had. But when Natalya moves in, their friendship unravels.
A second tragedy sends Hunter to a small town in New Mexico, a town out of her own past. For Hunter, that's more than a coincidence, that's fate. Natalya's family will fill the void in her life. Natalya's parents will become her parents. She and Natalya's brother will fall in love. But nothing is ever that simple....

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Re: Vellum: the official thread
« Reply #1050 on: June 19, 2017, 12:25:03 PM »
For anyone creating a paperback to use with IngramSpark. Any tips or suggestions? Things to look for? Specially concerned about the inner margins as I've had to do a lot of tweaking in CreateSpace.
The book page count is 354. What would be the ideal margin size?


Knowing your page count, they should be able to give you the recommended margins.

Book manufacturers (not "printers." there is a difference!) buy their rolls of paper on a quarterly basis. So the thickness of paper can change every couple of months, depending on what roll of paper they are going to use when your book is printed. This changes the thickness of the book and therefore the recommended margins and gutter. What gutter works for printing this month, will not work come September when a different roll of paper is inserted into the printing presses.

Happily, there is a lot of wiggle room. But for optimal results---to deliver the best possible quality in your product: your book---you want to fine tune that gutter to the paper lot that is being used at the time of printing.

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