Author Topic: Karma Go hotspot device for $89 preorder (normally $149)  (Read 1259 times)  

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Karma Go hotspot device for $89 preorder (normally $149)
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:15:25 PM »
I recently decided I need a hotspot for that Kindle Fire connectivity when I'm not at home and went looking for the best deal. I found the Karma Go 3G LTE device. It is on sale at the pre-order price (set to arrive in 4-6 weeks per their information) for $99. That is already $50 off the regular price. With the additional $10 off from the referral link, it brings the price down to $89. (Good through March 31st).

For additional info, check out these links (but don't forget to come back and use the referral for your $10 off. Karma uses the Sprint 4G LTE network with fallback to the Sprint 3G network when not available. Be sure to check coverage for your area before purchase (at the top of the page).

Their data is low cost. If you buy it one GB at a time, it will cost $14. You can also buy in bulk and get it as cheap as $10 GB. You can check out the prices here:

You can access how it works here:

The pre-order sale price is good through March 31st. After that, the referral discount from my link is still good, but it will only bring the price of the device down to $139. So, if you're interested, you'll want to decide fast.

Be aware that if you use my referral link, I will also get a $10 credit to my account, for which I thank you and blow you kisses :-)


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