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Re: All about Mary Sue
« Reply #75 on: Today at 08:09:01 PM »
I have to ressurect this thread because my husband has been re-watching GOT episodes nonstop all weekend.

Could Daenarys (TV series version) is a Mary Sue?

I've seen her referred to as such many times on the internet.  In my opinion, yes, she is.  At the moment, anyway.  That opinion would change, though, if her character goes the "Aerys the Mad King" route, which, though highly unlikely, has been hinted at.

I actually like her character a lot but it's been kind of bothering me for a long time how everything seems to come pretty easy for her.

Good.  That means you're thinking about her in terms of what makes for good drama.   ;)

Here's an easy test: think about Arya.  Do you feel the same way about her?  If not, why not?

I'll give you my answer: Arya is awesome because she's earned her victories.  A girl her age, in her environment, with her sword-fighting skills, is a bit of an eye-roller... except it's not, because we saw her earn those skills during her training sessions with Syrio Forel.  Her massacre of the Freys was completely ridiculous... except it's not, because we saw her earn those skills the hard way in Braavos.  She got her butt whupped by the Waif, endured temporary blindness, and so on and so forth, all so she could be a Faceless Man.  When Arya triumphs, it's not because she's the writers' darling (like Dany).  It's because she put in the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to triumph.  That's why we like her, and that's why we don't question the plausibility of her accomplishments.
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Re: All about Mary Sue
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Could Daenarys (TV series version) is a Mary Sue?

I'd say no. If she was, she wouldn't be failing so much and would be already ruling everything.
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Re: All about Mary Sue
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Dany is the mother of dragons!  That makes her pretty awesome! :)

However, she lost her husband and her unborn son...her brother abused her, her "friends" have betrayed her (Jorah/Doreah) and for a while, she doesn't trust her dragons.  Drogon leaves and the other two are imprisoned.  She tries to do what she thinks is right, but she's kind of a mess at times. 

Full disclosure, she is my favorite character.  Did I mention she has dragons!!! LOL

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