Author Topic: Need a good "what the ****" chuckle? Check out this Oasis review.  (Read 1228 times)  

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Somebody please give this poor guy a book recommendation, if you can!

This video review of the Oasis might be the single biggest WTF reviews I've seen of any product ever. His complaint has nothing to do with the Kindle itself. He just "can't find any books for it". I'm not sure, but I think the maker of the device sells one or two!   :P

In truth, he seems to like the Oasis. He just "can't find any books for it"!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Edit: YouTube link didn't seem to work. Here you go:

Fixed.  If you put just the alphanumeric identifier string in the YouTube tags, it usually works!  --Betsy
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Re: Need a good "what the ****" chuckle? Chech out this Oasis review.
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That has to be the absolute weirdest thing I've seen in, well, at least three or four hours.