Author Topic: What paranormal themes/characters do you wish authors would write about?  (Read 2259 times)  

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A horror story with Valkyries.  Gods dealing with the modern world...ghosts taking a larger role in a paranormal story.  All great ideas!  And I like the idea of more history in stories, too.

If I didn't already have about sixteen books in my head, there would be some great story ideas here. :)

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Ghosts. We can use more ghosts. While vampires, zombies and werewolves have a somewhat mono-thematic agenda (eating people), ghosts are definitely more ambivalent and far more intriguing. Gail Carriger has an interesting concept of ghosts in her Parasol Protectorate series, but otherwise they are surprisingly underutilized. Of course there are countless repetitive "haunted house" stories but not many real, well fleshed-out ghost characters  :)

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I love that you're reading the Icelandic sagas--I love those old things! Have you read "Njal's Saga," because that has a wealth of engaging characters as well. You might want to try some of the Viking romances, too, for inspiration--I mean the ones written by actual Vikings in the elder days. :) "Arrow-Odd" is a very amusing and adventurous story with a creepy troll/ogre character in it that you may find interesting. But you're right, it's amazing the diversity of characters in these older works. I remember there were several giant women who were very tough!

I would like to see stronger, believable women in paranormal stories and fantasy in general. I think current fiction has made leaps, but still isn't quite there yet. I'd like to see women who stand out, not just because the author says they do but because there is something truly unique about them. It's something I'd love to see in a paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi--the kind of heroine who you want to go on an adventure with!

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Female war prophets..


I like the sound of this.

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hmmm ... to see more of - about ...

Stephanie Meyer should write more SF ... why she went tangent with "The Chemist' (TC) I don't know.  Not into that ... plus the Kindle price is above their used book price offered? Shouldn't e-books be cheaper than paper?

I can run down to a used book store and pick it up for half the used price at Kindle I bet. So someone's idea of marketing her work seems flawed to me.  Do they think readers are lazy enough to pay that price for that book?

But if I look at a used book store will I find it? Give them a call?  If I can get TC cheap enough I will read it. Subject is not up my alley. But Meyer does write well but not that subject matter for me at that price.