Author Topic: Kindle 5thGen - 7" TABLET - eMail & Verizon/Yahoo email / Setup (imap)  (Read 878 times)  

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I'm trying to HELP my sister get her email working on her NEW Kindle Fire 7" 5th Gen.

   She setup her Verizon email account by answering the prompts with the wizard (I assume) and it does work for retrieving her email, however when she deletes a message it appears to be gone on her Fire Tablet - but when she uses her PC to logon to her account - the message is still there.

   And none of her Folders that she created from her PC appear on the Fire Tablet's client.

    ( Verizon uses Yahoo to serve/provide email to it's customers ....)

  I'm assuming this is a imap issue - seems to me that only a POP3 client was configured??

   is there a way to fix this?


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Re: Kindle 5thGen - 7" - eMail & Verizon/Yahoo email / Setup (imap)
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On my Fire, I go into the settings from of the email app ad then click on the email address  get the option to change incoming and outgoing setting. Under incoming I can change "delete emails from server" from never to when  delete from inbox.  I can't guarantee that will work for yahoo though as it doesn't for hotmail. O idea on the other issue

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