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Deadly Revelations
by John D. Ottini

Kindle Edition published 2016-11-02
Bestseller ranking: 394284

Product Description
Love makes the world go round. But it can also turn spouses into enemies, saints into sinners, and passion into murder.In Deadly Revelations, John D. Ottini crafts five suspenseful stories about troubled relationships, the frayed bonds of trust, and the lengths people are willing to go to in order to preserve the one thing they hold dear.
In "Remorse," Bradley discovers his wife Sara may be cheating on him. Discovering the truth leads him on a dark and dangerous path that may bring him to an unimaginable point of no return. "Loves Me Not" is the small-town story of Jonathan and Grace, two married New York City ex-pats,and Grace's disturbing question: did the man that she loves murder the town's innocent librarian? In "Words to a Kill," Lucy's erratic post-accident behavior troubles her husband Sonny. When his brother Marco makes an unorthodox suggestion to help Lucy, can Sonny stand by and handle the alarming result? "Be...

Author Topic: Fire Question on Collections  (Read 99 times)  

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Fire Question on Collections
« on: January 13, 2017, 11:43:41 AM »
This has probably been answered before, so I apologize in advance, but I'm having trouble with my Fire (5th gen).  I finally got around to putting the bulk of my books in Collections, but there are a good amount that are not, they are just in the queue to be read and will be added to Collections once I'm done reading.  The problem is that when I go to look for a book, if I sort by Collections, it's only the Collections, other books do not show up after the groupings, if I don't sort, everything comes up.  Is there a way to sort it with Collections coming up first with the non-grouped books coming afterward, or just a different way where I don't see every book? 

Thank you.
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