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Free Halloween rhyme for kids...
« on: Yesterday at 02:53:10 PM »
For all the wonderful children in your life...

In the land of purple pumpkins,
  Lives a witch named Eloise,
And three orange haired Hob Goblins,
  Hiding high up in the trees.
The first ones named Ga Gabby,
  Cause he stutters when he talks,
The seconds named Ka Clumsy,
  Cause he stumbles when he walks.
The third is known as Whadyasay,
  He was born with just one ear.
When speaking, stand off to his left,
  If you wish for him to hear.
In the cornfields youll find scarecrows,
  Wearing polka-dotted vests,
While a team of yellow Leprechauns,
  Greet all incoming guests.
Theres a friendly ghost named Casper,
  Though his colors neon green.
And a black cat painted silver,
  Who adds mystery to this scene.
But by now Im sure youve guessed,
  If youve paid attention well,
That the wicked which named Eloise,
  Has cast a magic spell.
For pumpkins should be orange,
  Not the hair on Goblins heads,
 And Scarecrows dont wear polka-dots,
  All different shades of reds.
Those Leprechauns should all be green,
  Casper a see through white.
And the cat thats painted silver,
  Should be black as the night.
Beware then as you enter here,
  And hold each others hand,
For the wicked witch named Eloise,
  Has cursed this wretched land.
If you are all quite frightened now,
  By all that you have seen,
I guess its time I wished you all,
  A Happy Halloween!