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This is a harrowing tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic dystopia.
What was once New York City in the past has become a new and protected home in 3000 AD for the survivors of this world but with a cost. Impossible rules are made to follow and without question. Citizens cannot leave the protected bubble that surrounds New York City as the world outside is unfit for human survival.
Tough law Enforcement Officer Cryton, a detective first class, struggles to survive each day and trusts no one. Cryton is brought in to solve a mystery by the organization that controls the city. He will meet Marsha, a woman with many secrets, whose secrets Cryton must unravel to solve a mystery that will destroy the inhabitants of the city. Marsha is a femme fatale, an attractive and seductive woman, who ultimately could bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.
This story will appeal to readers of suspenseful thrillers. The mysteries within the...

Author Topic: Echo on sale today -- November 7  (Read 215 times)  

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Echo on sale today -- November 7
« on: November 07, 2016, 04:46:45 AM »
Almost $40 off at $140.39:

Regularly $179.99 . . . .and it now comes in two colors -- black or white. Same price. :)

"Why?" you ask. Apparently, it's Alexa's 2nd birthday. :D

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Re: Echo on sale today -- November 7
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2016, 06:17:43 AM »
Also on sale for this price at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Was a little surprised by that email.

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Re: Echo on sale today -- November 7
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2016, 07:16:57 AM »
Hard to believe I've had an Echo for nearly two years. I use it most everyday without thinking about it, and have been known to be traveling in a hotel and give an order to Alexa and be stymied for a moment till I remember!

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