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Flight of the Tarantula Hawk
by Michael Allan Scott

Kindle Edition published 2014-02-10
Bestseller ranking: 4698

Product Description
On the IndieReader Best Book list and featured on NBC's Daytime Show, the second book in the Lance Underphal Mystery series is part of a new breed of supernatural thrillers which can be read and enjoyed in any order. Dark, different, featuring a damaged psychic, this is one of those disturbing novels that keeps you guessing.

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Supernatural Murder Mystery - Realtor Carla Simon has her first showing in nearly eighteen months. Recovering from a nervous breakdown, she arrives at the bank-owned foreclosure well ahead of her prospect. When her buyer pins her against the wall, it turns out to be the last house she'll ever show.

Looking for a new breed of supernatural thrillers? Paranormal mysteries of murder and suspense? Perhaps a psychic detective series which can be read and enjoyed in any order? Or maybe one of t...

Author Topic: January 2017 Book Count  (Read 547 times)  

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January 2017 Book Count
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:17:27 PM »
January 2017

1. Snow in August (DTB) as of 1/1/17 on page 90
2. The Kind Worth Killing (audiobook) as of 1/1/17 on page 43, completed 1/7/17, 341 pages read
3. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers (audiobook) began 1/7/17, completed 1/22/17, 416 pages read
4. Under the Harrow (audiobook) began 1/22/17, completed 1/25/17, 240 pages read
5. The Boston Girl (audiobook) began 1/25/17, completed 1/28/17, 336 pages read
6. The Woman in Cabin 10 (audiobook), began 1/28/17, completed 1/31/17, 352 pages read
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Books read in 2013: 34 (29 Audio, 4 Kindle, 1 DT), 13,712 pages/Books read in 2012: 34 (29 Audio, 2 Kindle, 3 DT), 13,361 pages
Books read in 2011: 40, 15,860 pages/Books read in 2010: 50, 18,429 pages/Books read in 2009: 36

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