Author Topic: Annie Wilkes from "Misery" - misunderstood fangirl or psycho demon from hell?  (Read 275 times)  

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Was Kathy Bates's character in "Misery" just a fangirl who went too far? After all, misery does love company.

 Annie wasn't a bad egg, was she? She wasn't the conventional busty, glamour puss of a leading lady. She just wanted a bit of quality time with Jimmy Caan from The Godfather.

 As for the whole hobbling bit, we've all done it. It could have been worse, she could have used him as a sex toy.

 Until I joined GR I had never heard the term fangirl. Now I understand it to be a playful term used affectionately. But I am still learning new words from t' Internet and GR. "Glomping" is one that I had to google just now. In case you haven't got a copy of the urban dictionary to hand, it means an excessively hard or pervy hug. Again, we've all done it.

 GR has other words or acronyms that I was unaware of, or never used. Dystopian is one of the most used words on GR. I had heard of Utopian but not Dystopian. Back to google and yes it was what I thought.

 NA to me always meant "not applicable" but it also means New Adult.

 I am aware that LOL doesn't mean lot's of love, although it did back in the day.

 Anyway enough of this rambling nonsense. If my car should break down near your house, a cup of tea and a biscuit will hopefully suffice until the AA (Automobile Association not Alcoholics Anonymous) arrives. No hobbling will be required.

Who would you like to hobble?

LOL and LOL.
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