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Book of Consolation
by Mr. Second

Kindle Edition published 2017-04-11
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The world, in which we live, should not have existed. I have always felt it, but then could not explain why it was so. Now I can.

I was engaged in the deciphering and translating of this book for many years before I decided to give it to the world. There are doubts even now, the cause of which there is no reason to describe. Presently only one thing is important: I cannot keep this knowledge only to myself. Many years later, I am nevertheless transmitting the "Book of Consolation" to the world, and letting fate decide whether it was the right choice.

This book, if read in unity of the heart and mind, will be a guiding light to all who want to return permanently from the world of darkness to the light of the source. Let this beacon be available to any light that exists in the mechanism of condensed darkness, to anyone who was captured by decay. Forever and ever. Sooner or later, the knowledge from this book will help al...

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Scrivener Discount
« on: March 20, 2017, 12:35:39 PM »

The Scrivener review above has a discount code in for 20%. You have to enter 'wordswithjam' as a promo code and there is a link to do so at the top and the bottom of the article.

Does anyone know if there is a better offer out there for Scrivener? 20% seems good but hopefully I'm not misleading anyone by promoting this. If there's something better, please reply!