Author Topic: Stubborn zombie books on Android Kindle App  (Read 164 times)  

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Stubborn zombie books on Android Kindle App
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:15:48 AM »
I have the exact same three books that keep re-downloading on the tablet every time the App recovers new content.

They were originally obtained through Amazon, read then discarded from the main Amazon account yonks ago when I decided I wouldn't be re-reading them. The device has been sync'ed many times since.
Other ebooks I likewise discarded and no longer own have remained properly deleted.
Other ebooks I still own but do not currently wish to have downloaded on this tablet stay off it as they should.

But something like 2-3 months ago those three books have begun creeping back all the time even though I keep deleting them (from the device, of course I can't delete them from the main Amazon account since I already did, and it does not technically own them any more).
I also sometime use the desktop Kindle App, which does not seem to suffer from this problem.

So, anyone has an idea what's going on and how I can get rid of them for good >:(
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