Author Topic: My list of the top 10 thriller books of 2017. Great reading list additions!  (Read 281 times)  

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Hey guys, I recently created a list of the top 10 thriller books of 2017. Part of the allure of thrillers comes from not only what their stories are about, but also how they are told. If you are looking for the next fast paced and adrenalin pumping book to read, then go here to view the list:

Sneak peek of what's on the list:

1. The Missing Ones - Patricia Gibney
2. The Man of Legends - Kenneth Johnson
3. No Exit - Taylor Adams
4. Sister, Sister - Sue Fortin
5. Their Lost Daughters - Joy Ellis
6. Silent Child - Sarah A. Denzil
7. Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough
8. Dark Mountain - Jeff Carson
9. Sing Roses for Me - Ben Marney
10. Her Every Fear - Peter Swanson

I hope that you enjoy this list! Have fun reading!

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