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My Claw is Quick
by R. S. Pyne

Kindle Edition published 2017-08-29
Bestseller ranking: 3229473

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A hard-boiled detective story with a difference - Grimalkin is not your usual PI. Four legs, whiskers and a tail, perfect night vision and a talent for breaking and entering .... and a track record of crazy dames trying to kill him. He is also the only cat in history with a clown phobia. The case takes an even weirder twist when it becomes clear that a power-crazed parrot is calling all the shots. Sam Spade never had to deal with hysterical gerbil witnesses, pirate assassins or death by custard.

At 10,250 words in length, this is the first in a series of short stories featuring a very unconventional Private Investigator....

Author Topic: Kobo readers temporarily not being shipped  (Read 334 times)  

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Kobo readers temporarily not being shipped
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:09:49 PM »
It is reported that Kobo has been hit by ransomware and their order/shipping facilities are down. No word on when they might be back.

You may be able to buy them elsewhere, though.
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