Author Topic: I would like a recommendation (based on your personal experience) for an editor  (Read 237 times)  

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I am aware that there is an advertising area on these boards, but that doesn't give me insight into the experience of authors here. I am presently looking for a high quality editor (aren't we all?), for contemporary fiction (new adult/coming of age), probably at the end of August/start of September. Unfortunately the options for editors are extensive and I am trying to get a few finalists who I can try out with samples to determine who to go with. I would be looking for someone who could combine copy/line work and who individual authors here can vouch for from their own personal experience working with them. I could probably afford up to 2c/word total for both services combined. 
Thanks for the help!

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Elayne Morgan ( was recommended to me when I first started, and I now recommend her to everyone and won't go anywhere else. She's a pleasure to work with and provides fantastic editing.