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Supporting KBoards
« on: July 27, 2017, 07:24:34 PM »
Dear KBoards Members...

I hope this message finds you all well and happy...and enjoying summer.

Harvey started KBoards soon-to-be ten years ago. It started as a forum for people who were interested in learning about Amazon's NEW :) Kindle.  He started it because he loves gadgets. He started it because he loved the challenge of creating the website. He started it because he loved to read. 

Before long, people gathered and found a "home" here. At first, it was a place for people to discover the wonders of their Kindles and develop friendships as they learned together. Then it became a gathering place to discuss books. Soon, it was a community where friendships developed. People discussed (and continue to discuss) regular "life" things... vacations, animals, favorite TV shows, etc.

In a while, e-book publishing began to take off and those who were already authors came over and participated in author talk. And then those who had always wanted to be authors came over, too. People started learning from each other. And a whole sub-community developed for writers.

All along, Harvey worked his hardest to make it the best community it could be. His brain never stopped trying to figure out ways to make it better.  He made a definite decision NOT to clutter the site with too many ads. He allowed for ads from Amazon and Google as income for our family, but made sure that the site didn't get too crazy with ads.

In 2011, Harvey was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.  While he was sick, we discussed selling KBoards because it was really his baby...But when he was in hospice, after seeing what an amazing community it was for him and knowing that he was concerned about its future, I told him that I would do my best to keep things goin'.

I hired some technical help and our girls took over processing the ads that many of you have placed with us.

We have continued to try to run KBoards with as little clutter on our pages as we can.

We don't charge you to use our site because that's just not what we do.

But I wanted to make you aware (if you haven't noticed it before), that there is a way that you can give back if you believe KBoards is worth keeping alive.  In the top right corner of every page, there is a "Subscribe" button. You can subscribe to help support KBoards. You may choose to just give once or you may give regularly if you believe in us. Even small amounts, given regularly, can help KBoards stay afloat.

You are welcomed with open arms to KBoards (assuming you follow Forum Decorum  ;) ) whether you choose to support KBoards financially or not. 

Meanwhile, we'll continue to do our best, for as long as we can, to offer you the community (the family) of

Thank you for being a part of it.

-Carrie Chute
KBoards Lady at the Helm :)
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