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WOW! Another year has past by, and it is time to start planning the 2017 Back to School Blog Tour. This will be the fifth year of the event. This has been a fun annual event for me, and I'm proud to say my health has improved enough now that I've returned to teaching part time. Hope everyone has had a fantastic summer, and you're all ready for your kids to return to school or maybe, you are returning to work yourself. I know you're out there teachers that moonlight as children's authors at night.  ;) Me included.

So, with that said, it's amazing to finally be hosting the 5th annual Back to School Blog Tour. I've learned so much from hosting it, and I've done some fine tuning for it this year.

I'm looking for returning and new authors to participate. Would like to feature authors of picture books, middle grade to YA. I do love having a range. I usually have 5-10. I feature 1-2 authors a day on my site with an interview, picking a book or series to feature. Then, I will link to your site for the day.

This year, instead of having a giveaway bundle, I'm encouraging authors to do their own giveaway on their featured day. Plus, pitch me an idea of what you'd like to do on your site for your featured day. Post on a subject? Give behind the scenes on your book being featured? What ideas do you have? I want to drive traffic to your site with an extra special something on your site. That way people can read about you on the host site and then go to your site for giveaway, behind the scenes on a book, or something you'd like to add yourself. I'm open to ideas. I think this will give an added spice to drive traffic to all the participating authors, and give a huge, diverse variety. Let me know your ideas and what you think. Since I have the extra time because I'm not teaching as much, I want to have some fun with the tour again this year.

HERE ARE THE DATES: September 4-8, 2017

That gives us a month to get things all going, and teachers will be tuned into your novels or could even use it as a resource in their classroom. So, please post on this thread and/or PM me if you'd like to participate and what your ideas would be for your site on your featured day. I'm looking to go with at least 5 children's authors and a max of 10 children's authors.

And for all those teachers out there, have a fantastic BACK TO SCHOOL! A big thank you for all that you do this incredible job of inspiring and teaching children. It feels good to be back in the trenches again, even if it is just for a few hours a week now. Plus, it's great to be giving back while keeping my health on track.

So, here's to a new school year and for giving that support to teachers and students, fostering a love for reading and writing, and for helping others find out about some fantastic Indie Children's books!

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-Tiffany  :D
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