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Elvingstone-Gothic Fantasy Romance Only .99
« on: August 13, 2017, 06:10:50 AM »
A couple of good things going on this weekend (despite my severely sprained ankle!)--my new book, ELVINGSTONE is out and is only .99. A Gothic fantasy romance, it tells the tale of  dancer Arabella Lorne, who is taken away from the uncertain life of a Victorian actress to marry a mysterious man, Sir Alaric Stannion. It is set to be a marriage of convenience but Arabella begins to feel more for her brooding husband. Yet there are dark secrets locked in Elvingstone, Alaric's crumbling ancestral mansion. Howdid his son die, and what happened to his missing former wife, Floralie? What does the  crazy old servant, Nanny Burtoncappe, really know--and is she as mad as she seems? And what about the  family crypt in the churchyard--what is REALLY inside?
Elvingstone is a bit different from most Gothics as it  contains a retold fairy tale at its heart--the legend of TAM LIN.

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