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HD8 6th Gen. (brink of death)
« on: September 28, 2017, 04:25:42 AM »
 I just had my HD 8 to the brink of death yesterday and recovered it. I think I had left it without any charge for only a few days.  It didn't seem like it wanted to recharge and kept trying to "optimize system storage and applications" and restarting with the same message. Even with trying to charge it over a period of time.
I called "Mayday" on my HDX7 and they worked me through restarts etc. and said mine was no longer able to work. But I kept fiddling with it and reset it again. I did a combination of holding the start button and the left (down) volume button. Then after holding down these two many times I got to the black screen with options like "reset to factory setting" among a whole list of things. There seemed to be no way to enter any of these without a touch screen ability or on screen entry button. Then I discovered that the left side of the start button can give entry commands to things you have on the screen. So I reset my HD8 to factory settings and got it back. Hope this could be useful to others.
 And best of all Amazon gave me a 15% discount on buying a new device after they concluded mine no longer worked.  So I gave my perfectly restored 8 to my sister and bought the new Fire 10. 

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