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Re: Cost of Self-Publishing Data Summary
« Reply #25 on: October 08, 2017, 08:58:22 AM »
Reedsy is a good legit site for newbies to find support. I've used their editors a few times. Don't go by that report on "average" because that doesn't mean anything to your particular transaction. You CAN definitely find editors who charges fees in the same range as posted here. You can negotiate fees with individual Reedsy service provider.  Reedsy also screens their editors so there is some quality control.

What will be extra is the additional fee you pay to Reedsy. Some authors think that's not worth it. But OTOH it's an additional cost that will save you from risks of editors/cover artists going MIA, missing deadlines, etc.

Or you can factor in the fee to your budget when you negotiate with the service provider.

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Re: Cost of Self-Publishing Data Summary
« Reply #26 on: October 08, 2017, 09:33:46 AM »
I use Reedsy and I find them a great way of finding experienced professionals to work with. It is a curated site so the editors etc on there have to have a lot of experience to get listed. I found my developmental editor there and he has now done three books for me. He also costs about $1200 so that is certainly possible. Incidentally, it does seem easier to find a more reasonably priced high-quality editor in the UK than the US from what I've seen here and in other groups.
I also went back there last time to hire a line editor as I wanted to try an additional layer of editing and I found it really useful - I'll be doing it again next time.
TBF - I also got a proofreader there for my first book who wasn't great and I've since replaced that person on my last two books with a friend who approached me and did a great job. That, and Beta readers covered proofing very well for me.

I've also used 99 Designs for my covers and been happy. Very similar service to Reedsy.

I publishing my first three books in just over a year and I'm making a good living from writing. I absolutely agree that people should learn story craft before going to Reedsy but frankly, I think they should do that before publishing fullstop.

In summary - not all Reedsy users are gullible idiots.  ;D

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Re: Cost of Self-Publishing Data Summary
« Reply #27 on: October 08, 2017, 10:06:48 AM »
Ricardo from Reedsy here, just want to clear a few things up regarding this data. I'm discussing it all the time and I know it's controversial, so I'm always happy to get questions/comments about it. We're not trying to say "this is how much you should pay to self-publish a book," we're just open sourcing our data to bring a bit more transparency to the freelance editing/design services industry.

First, all professionals on Reedsy are on the higher end of the market. Almost all our freelancers come from traditional publishing, and we have an acceptance rate of 3% of people applying to be listed with us. So you will be able to find cheaper out there, and depending on your budget and your ability to research and judge a freelancer's experience, that might very well be a better option for you.

Then, we're not saying everyone should spend $2k+ on every book. If you're a novelist working on the 10th book in a series, you probably won't need a developmental editor. And you'll probably already have some sort of template/branding for the cover design.

And finally, as some members mentioned, these are average prices. You will find pros on Reedsy who quote higher, others who quote lower. Quotes for editing also vary tremendously by genre, which is why we recently added a little "genre & word count" calculator to the post:

Now, to address some other specific comments:

There's a big range in reasonable cover prices. I can't imagine many romance authors paying more than $300 for design (not including custom photos which can be a lot), whereas $300 is a steak in certain fantasy type niches where you need an illustration.

Yep, we haven't released a calculator by genre for cover design, however I can confirm that most quotes for romance covers are <$300, whereas SFF covers involving digital painting will typically be $600+.

$830 for book interior design? What does that even mean?  :-\

Quoting from the blog post itself:
"Please note that all quotes over $500 here were not for simple "ebook formatting." Ebook and print formatting generally costs <$100, or can be done for free (in most genres) via the Reedsy Book Editor [or Vellum, or Draft2Digital]. However, if you want to self-publish a cookbook or a coffee table book, you don't need just "formatting." You need interior design and typesetting. That is expensive because it requires design skills, knowledge of the genre, and a lot of page-by-page work." Almost all the "book interior design" collaborations on Reedsy were for these type of complex formats.

Bolding is mine. They are using quotes, not actual charges. Just how many of those quotes were NOT accepted?

That's a good point. Here's our reasoning for using quotes rather than accepted quotes: We've found that when authors receive several quotes through Reedsy, they accept on average over the median quote. This means that if we used only "accepted quotes" we'd get similar or slightly higher numbers (again, this will vary a lot from one genre to another). So with this in mind, we preferred using a wider data set (all quotes).

It says that "In fact, the data was extracted from the last 10,000 quotes sent on Reedsy by our professional editors and designers."

So this doesn't in fact represent the cost of self-publishing, but the cost of self-publishing for the group of people who hire editors and designers through Reedsy. I don't know exactly how Reedsy work, but they presumably take a fee which makes this more expensive than going direct.

The numbers certainly seem higher than most people here budget for publishing a book.

Reedsy does take a fee, but we didn't factor it in in our calculations for this blog post.