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Hello I'm new here.

My name is Zach, I'm a 23 year old from Canada possibly interested in getting into kindle publishing. I decided to refund my kmoneymastery course as I simply have to work on 1 project at a time (amazon fba). I have some questions before I decide whether or not I'm interested in kindle publishing.

1. Why isn't Stefan Pylarinos trustworthy? I see people around the net posting a link to an article about catfish or something. I read it & it didn't seem like a big problem to me. I actually watched the first 2 videos on kmoneymastery & stefan mentions he follows all of the TOS when promoting & getting reviews for kindle books.
Is it the problem with under paying writers? Isn't an agreed upon wage is a fair wage?
Also ghost writing is posted in these forums so I don't see what the problem is for the course? I refunded the course 80% because it wasn't time for me & 20% because I'm skeptical reading more & more posts about Stefan Pylarinos being a con...All people have to post is that one article like I said & I can't find anything else on Google.

Also is it safe to trust Stefan's information about Amazon FBA selling? I don't see how this information could be faulty I mean I have a friend in college that followed all of his videos (& actually told me if somebody tries to charge me for something to find it elsewhere for free. should have listened, lesson learned) that made an $200-$400 per month with minimal work. Yes I am skeptical about the 6 figure incomes but isn't it a simple matter of up scaling? Either way I'm quite a frugal guy & my goal is to have a few side gigs plus a 20-30 hour a week job after college to support myself. I'm proud I live off of $900 per month, $1200 is the comfort zone though (Can buy frviolus purchases now n then ...frugal, mostly virtual currency & books, I like to own very little physical items)

I apologize if I went a bit into Amazon FBA, not sure if that's permitted here. If not would somebody mind linking me to a similar board for Amazon FBA that you know of that's trustworthy? Thanks.

So to the meat & potatoes.

I'm glad that I found this forum by searching how to get a refund for kmoneymastery. I read somewhere on this forum that I can get all of that information for free on this forum. I'm interested in getting that information but I did some quick searches & made out quite dry.

I'm happy to see there is a host of ghost writers on this website.

I'm looking for a complete guide or several links if no complete guide is available from a-z written so a 9th grader could understand, how to find a profitable niche that you actually like. Also how to outsource this & get it all processed from listing on kindle to promoting my book legitimately & getting legit reviews. Further steps on how to get a second, third & so on book written in the same niche that go well with my first book & promote them as well.

Mind you I do have an urge to write my own book because my Dad's a writer/editor & in a writing guild that I just want to join because it seems cool. I started a short fiction story about a man being stuck in a dream starting out in a taxi with very little people existing in the world. But I sadly lost the e-copy I wrote of this book & recklessly didn't care about recovering it at the time because I thought it was crap & would never get anywhere. It probably was crap but the principle of losing work saddens me, was young & naive.

I have only high school experience in editing, but I have my Dad & stepmom who often edits my Dad's work as 2 people who are great at editing who can help me. No formatting experience & at a lost for ideas so such is why I'm interested in outsourcing at least at first. Like I said earlier I'm getting my Amazon FBA business off the ground (again would appreciate if somebody could tell me anything I have to watch out for with Stefan's fairly factual based step by step walk through on how to start an Amazon FBA company). So if I do chose to write my own material I'm quite scared of it and truly interested in making a profit per month.

Also forgot to ask is it true that books in the 20-30 page range priced at 2.99 are the best to sell on Amazon? Also how much money can kindle publishing using a ghost writer make you per month roughly with little upfront cost (couple hundred $).

I know that's a huge introduction but those are most if not all of the questions I'd ever ask here as I should be able to follow said guides from here on out.

I appreciate everyone who made it this far. I thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards,

Zach S.
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Also forgot to ask is it true that books in the 20-30 page range priced at 2.99 are the best to sell on Amazon?

(said in high-pitched minion voice) Whaaaaaaaa?

Can't speak for everyone, but for $2.99, I want at least a novelette. (30K+ words)

I bought a short story once for .99, but it was from one of my favorite authors. I woudn't do that for just anyone.

Also how much money can kindle publishing using a ghost writer make you per month roughly with little upfront cost (couple hundred $).

Kindle publishing can make you oodles of money. Or crickets. And it's not really under your control. You can improve your odds, of course, with hard work and marketing and so forth, but I know people (online) who've been doing that for years and gotten nowhere. Then there  are people who seemingly tripped and fell face-first into a basket of money.

The point is, don't look at this the same way you'd look at buying a Tim Hortons franchise. This is a crap shoot, not a conservative business move. There's a lot of randomness involved.

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