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Help! Second round blurb critique
« on: November 16, 2017, 10:39:33 PM »
Thanks so much for your suggestions and critiques the first time. I made some adjustments.  The novel is now in the romantic suspense category and this is the latest blurb.

Three murders.
In the middle of the murders sit sixteen year old Meredith Zanos, her fingerprints on the murder weapon and her fate written in blood.
Six years later, battered, beaten and broken after a life spent behind bars, she makes a return to the scene of a crime and finds a letter from the grave.
Meredith must marry Brody Mazagli for two years and help him keep the family empire together. It s the least she could do after the sins she committed against the influential family.
Who would marry a woman who killed his parents?
She was the only woman hed ever wanted. With his parents murderer released early due to circumstantial evidence, Brody would marry her and make her pay.
When the two years are up, Meredith still hoped for a glimmer of forgiveness and dare she dream it, Brodys love.
Would Meredith give them a second chance? Did she commit the unforgivable sin?

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