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Supernatural Murder Mystery - Realtor Carla Simon has her first showing in nearly eighteen months. Recovering from a nervous breakdown, she arrives at the bank-owned foreclosure well ahead of her prospect. When her buyer pins her against the wall, it turns out to be the last house she'll ever show.

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Author Topic: The New World Series (Dystopian thriller/war/espionage, COMPLETE)  (Read 55 times)  

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The New World Series
by Rosie Scott

Melanie Adams has a normal life like any other citizen of the New World. When a loved one is executed after being deemed a domestic terrorist for accidentally muttering a banned word, however, she finds she is not alone in believing it is the government that is to blame. She is soon contacted by Axel Chambers, a member of a resistance group who tells her things used to be different, and people used to be free.

Melanie finds she is living in what used to be the United States of America. After learning more of the country's past, she decides to join the fight to regain the freedoms and rights citizens once had. Axel trains her to be stealthy and to kill as an assassin, and the two become fast friends and partners, working together to gather artifacts from the country's history that could help them in the fight.

The government will not make the fight easy. Intrusive technology is rampant in the New World, and the government does not like its citizens to have knowledge or allies. To make matters worse, Melanie and Axel are soon contacted by a government official who is looking to hire the duo to anonymously put a stop to the government's latest project: controlling the human mind.

Melanie Adams and Axel Chambers have to get out of Chicago. After the successful destruction of one of the government's largest projects, the two assassins soon become the most wanted terrorists in the New World.

A new recruit to the Resistance gives the duo information that the once successful resistance group in another city is having its missions sabotaged, and it appears to be the doing of one of the group's own members. Melanie and Axel set out for the city, vowing to find the person responsible.

Escaping Chicago is dangerous enough, and the trip to the new city tests the two rebels in more ways than one. Once in Indianapolis, they soon find that the line between hero and villain isn't always so clearly defined.

As the two new leaders of the first city held by the Resistance, Melanie Adams and Axel Chambers should be celebrating. Instead, differing opinions of true allies, the mourning of those lost thus far, and even assassination attempts on their lives quickly become their main focus.

The assassins soon obtain insider information involving their home city of Chicago. The government has pulled support to the city, claiming that it is a drain on resources and a lost cause due to the Resistance influence there. Melanie and Axel know that the best time to take a city is when it is broken and left on its own, and soon begin planning to return to Chicago to acquire even more Resistance territory.

Planning the mission is easier said than done. The New World government is on guard since losing control of Indianapolis, and once in Chicago, Axel and Melanie realize it is no longer the city they left in ruins. Instead of an easy victory, they begin to understand that they should have prepared for heartbreak, old enemies, and even the personal reflection of their own minds.

The Resistance is making progress.

After successfully infiltrating and taking their home city of Chicago from the government, Melanie Adams and Axel Chambers are sent information about a possible new undertaking in New York City. The city is the technological marvel in charge of government media and propaganda, and could be just what the Resistance needs to help turn the tides of war. Taking control of the media systems and sending a message of dissent to the nation could be what finally gets the citizens of the country to rebel.

While they plan for the mission, however, there are many problems to work through in the cities the Resistance has already taken. Convincing superb fighter and loner Billy Johns to join Melanie and Axel in New York City is hard enough, even without considering the mental stresses of war, infighting, and assassination attempts on their lives. Melanie needs to focus on the critical upcoming mission to win the war, but one issue remains: is winning the war worth losing her mind?

Melanie Adams has left the Resistance. The trauma of enduring war and the loss of loved ones has broken her down, but the war trudges on. She soon finds that her ties to the Resistance still hold true, and pull her back against her will to return to it for one final battle.

Axel Chambers is also fatigued with fighting, but insists on one final fight, a battle that could win the country back at the risk of losing it all. He calls upon other cities across the country for reinforcements for a battle that could change everything.

There will be blood. There will be loss. But in the end, will it all be worth it?

If you don't like reading about blood, war, or consequences that aren't always pretty, my books definitely aren't for you (fair warning!). The New World is a completed series as of 2017. The series has been categorized incorrectly as young adult many times, but it is not. The New World is a series of paranoia, intrusive technology, espionage, insurrection, war, loss, bloodshed, and humanity's quest for freedom no matter the costs. It explores themes such as acts of brutality for a greater good, the trauma of horrors on the human psyche, and the fine line between good and evil. It has splashes of sarcastic/dry humor and friendship/love as people try to come to terms with the horrors of reality (it is in NO way a romance or light-hearted, however), but the overall series is extremely oppressive and, at times, it can be quite gut-wrenching.

That's how I like my dystopian fiction, so that's how I wrote it. I just wanted to put a fair warning here, because if you like sunshine and rainbows, I don't want to waste your time! I just updated the entire series with new covers, so it was the best time to post it here! If anyone is interested, I also have fan art for the series on my website (link in signature), along with extra fun facts, a timeline of events for those who love to dig into lore, and more.

Thanks for reading! If you check out the series, I hope you love it.  :)

Dystopian, science fiction, and fantasy
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Re: The New World Series (Dystopian thriller/war/espionage, COMPLETE)
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Re: The New World Series (Dystopian thriller/war/espionage, COMPLETE)
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Thanks, Ann! I love your new profile pic. Frosty's getting feisty.  ;)

Dystopian, science fiction, and fantasy
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