Author Topic: Do Ebooks come in an audio format to play through car audio, where can i get one  (Read 811 times)  

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I am totally green to Kindle so please excuse the ignorance of this question if it is common knowledge.

If I purchase a book from Kindle, is it possible to download it in an electronic audio format so to play on my car audio device and have it read to me while I'm driving.
I would assume a WAV or MP3 format is most common.

If so, I would very much appreciate a link as to where I can familiarize myself with that procedure.

Many thanks

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Unfortunately, a book purchase from Kindle comes in a file format that is just text based (examples of these are Azw, Mobi, Epub, etc). For you to get audio files of a book, you'd have to order it separately from Audible or another audiobook file service like Apple's, Downpour, Hoopla Digital or even Overdrive (the Public Library service where you can rent out free ones. Which also plays well with Kobos). From there, if you wanted to turn it into an Mp3 or Wav file you could use a converter. I like InAudible.

But the best one stop shopping would be Audible, because it's in-house Amazon, it syncs to all your Kindle compatible and Fire devices very easily.

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It depends on the device and how you connect it with your car. I can listen to audiobooks using the audible app on my phone, in my car.

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I got some audio books on youtube.
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Depends on your cars audio system and what its connectivity options are. This might help you with Audible options: