Author Topic: What will happen to my Audible books when I unpublish my book series on Amazon?  (Read 378 times)  

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I've been putting this off for a while since I'm concerned about how unpublishing my books will affect the Audible account and all hard work I put into creating the audiobooks. Thanks!

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No impact because they are separate products.

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That's a good question. ACX insist that a print or email version of your book must exist before you publish an audiobook. Obviously, if you unpublish then your book's product page on Amazon will disappear along with its associated links to Audible... but whether this can trigger a similar take-down on Audible...

I'd ask ACX support.
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If it triggers a takedown that would put you in violation of your contract with ACX which requires your audiobook to be available for seven years, so I'd definitely contact them first.

I did change the name of a title I have in audio. The audio which is under the old name remained linked to the paperback and ebook versions.

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