Author Topic: Is it possible to refresh my Kindle as a drive without physically disconnecting?  (Read 365 times)  

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Using a Kindle DX D00801 on Win7.
I want to be able to read stuff on my Kindle without disconnecting it from the computer.  Then reconnect to load more stuff and check it again.  So it will be connected and disconnected throughout the day.  Basically I want to use it to read web material a lot more.  Right now I can eject it and it disappears from the My Computer list.  But it doesn't turn on at all unless I physically disconnect it.  I was hoping not to even have to use the on/off switch.  Just leave it on, connect it and eject it and refresh it to see new files.  This seems impossible.  Or is it?
The closest I can do to accomplishing this heroic feat is to leave a short USB cable attached to an extension cable and physically plug and unplug it.  Great if you're used to living in the Paleolithic Era.  At least I'm not wearing out the USB plug on the Kindle which must a real joy to replace. 

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It is possible to do this at a command prompt (or suitably crafted script) using a Windows utility called mountvol. Probably there are some free GUI utilities that can do it as well.