Author Topic: In Over My Head?!?!?!  (Read 2462 times)  

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Re: In Over My Head?!?!?!
« Reply #25 on: February 09, 2018, 10:28:20 AM »

If anyone is willing to answer these that would be great, this is pretty much based on when you were starting out:

1. What is your process after you are finished your with your book, including prices, if possible.

2. Do you prefer to work with KU or would you rather post to multiple platforms. I have noticed that a lot of you that are doing good using KU.

3. Your choice in editors, price?

4. Proofreaders?

5. Advertising?

First, I started out with a publisher. Even with a small publisher they will take care of the editing and cover for you, so you don't have those expenses. It also gives you a place to learn and an idea how your work will be received without any financial risks - so keep in mind you can start by querying and move on to self-publishing later.  Unless you are picked up by a major publisher and/or someone very committed to your work, you are still going to have to do at least some of your own promo.

1.) Early on I had way more beta readers than I do now.  Betas are free and good ones can be an invaluable first step in the editing process. Now I have a co-writer and an editor and fewer rounds of critique groups and betas. For my full-length self-pubbed books I budget around $2k to get the book through the first month of publication. So this includes editing, cover, promo, etc. I do my own formatting. I consider that a mid-range price. You can do it for less. You can also spend way more. Editing and promo are the biggest chunks. My covers have run between $100-$250. Please keep in mind that I have enough books out now to have at least some idea what they will sell. When you don't know that, budgeting is riskier. Don't take out a second mortgage (especially on a first book). Save up, do trade-outs, whatever you have to do to make the book "affordable" for you. If you can earn out the first month, that is excellent. Some of my books have done so, but I budget on the expectation that they might not earn out for 1-2 years so keep that in mind when you are assessing financial risk.

2) I prefer wide. I know some authors are killing it in KU, but I've had better success wide and I like taking a teeny tiny little stand against the 'zon's monopoly.

3) For our series, we use Linda Ingmanson. She has a very affordable 3 pass process which includes a separate proofreader as the final step. Be aware she will ask for a writing sample before she takes you and will quote on a sliding scale. Depending on how clean she thinks the writing is, per-word price will vary. I'm a big fan of the three passes starting with dev.

4) see #3

5) Promo varies widely. For a release, I've budgeted a minimum of $200 (except for some of the shorts). The limit is the moon here. I wouldn't go overboard on a first book unless you have #2 already in the pipe and on pre-order. I do believe in promoting every book starting with the first. There is no sense releasing something no one will ever see. My big promos are usually releases or a book bub if I can get it. I run consistent, small, ongoing ads also. Very little budget monthly. If you are willing to learn facebook ads etc, you can spend considerably more every month.

Did you say if you've finished a book? If so, congratulations! Most people never get that far. It is a major first step and you should celebrate.

If not - keep writing. I know it all sounds scary, but if you take it step-by-step it is not so daunting.

Good luck!

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Re: In Over My Head?!?!?!
« Reply #26 on: February 09, 2018, 03:23:37 PM »
SO much good advice here! I'm not going to repeat it because I'm sure you're overwhelmed with it all already.

My only 2c is this: Take it one step at a time. That's all you can do. Figure out what your next stage is and move forward from there. Have a goal in your mind but don't think about it too hard, because the process of publishing is definitely a lot to take in. But look at all of the awesome authors here doing it. It's totally doable and you have so much support and guidance here.

Break it down into mini steps and keep asking questions. You got this.

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Re: In Over My Head?!?!?!
« Reply #27 on: February 09, 2018, 04:27:07 PM »
If you're looking to publish your first book, I would say FIND SOME BETA READERS.

Do it before anything else. Gets some friends to read it, consider joining Critique Circle or something like that too. Do you write fanfiction? Have you become friends with your fans? Reach out to them.

Most first novels need a lot of work, get that done first.

FWIW: I started dirt cheap and bought things like covers as I could afford them, but if you have a little money, you can start out with a beautiful premade. Later, you can rebrand your entire series if it starts to make money. You can rebrand. You don't have to get everything right the first time. Good luck.

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