Author Topic: Non-Fiction Sidebar Formatting  (Read 129 times)  

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Non-Fiction Sidebar Formatting
« on: January 31, 2018, 03:17:13 PM »
My first non-fiction book is coming out soon and I've been pondering the best way to display the sidebars scattered throughout, preferably something that works on both Kindle/MOBI and ePub.

I'm wondering what the best way to show this is without it 1) causing horrendous design yuckies on a smaller e-reader and/or 2) being too distracting for the reader.

Would love to do something with a colored text block background with wraparound text but that might be asking too much. If you've used sidebars in your non-fiction, I'd love to hear what you did so I can shamelessly rip you off.  ;D  I wish a simple bolded font would do the trick but each of my sections have bolded headers so it needs to be more than or different from that.

Any suggestions are appreciated and welcome! Thanks in advance.