Author Topic: Silicone glove- Kindle 3 -crazyproducts/Ebay  (Read 2868 times)  

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Silicone glove- Kindle 3 -crazyproducts/Ebay
« on: January 28, 2011, 03:50:57 PM »
I just bought a glove for my kindle from Ebay-
I'm actually really impressed. I had one of the $25 ones they have on Amazon for my K2, and this one is just as good for a fraction of the price ($6 shipped!). No complaints!
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Re: Silicone glove- Kindle 3 -crazyproducts/Ebay
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2011, 10:33:07 AM »
Thanks for posting this. They have some good stuff there and I found a case for my Kindle as well. Been looking for one under $15 and these look perfect.

Cheers to un-scratched screens!

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Re: Silicone glove- Kindle 3 -crazyproducts/Ebay
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2011, 05:26:37 PM »
thanks for the lead on these - this style is just what I've been looking for (I have some concern with other sleeves with zippers, that the screen will eventually scratch, & a lot of styles seem to be so precisely tailored to the kindle's size that they're hard to extract from the sleeve).  And I get annoyed by velcro fasteners.

I just bought one of these sleeves today from the referenced ebay store for the buy it now price of $6.70, plus CA sales tax.
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