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Writers' Cafe / Re: This publisher seems to have learned a lesson
« Last post by Jena H on Today at 04:52:32 AM »
Yeah, that would tick me off, too.  And it is interesting that the publisher seemed to learn the lesson.   ;)

I used to love the Signet Regency Christmas Anthologies.  Every year Signet would put out a book with holiday stories by four or five popular authors.  After a certain number of years (maybe seven or eight) readers noticed that the new books would contain at least one or two 'repeats' of one of the author's stories.  So readers were paying for a book, part of which they already read (and paid for).  Nothing on the book--cover, blurb, etc--indicated the inclusion of repeats.  And since two or three of the stories actually were new, they apparently felt they were indeed putting out a 'new' book.  But it was still pretty rotten and deceptive.    >:(
5.0 out of 5 stars

"This review is from: A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales (Paperback) I loved reading this book; wish it had more stories, though. All four stories were well written and I couldn't put the book down. I truly enjoyed how the author gave all the cats in the stories human qualities and thoughts! I would definitely read this author's work in the future." - Amazon Customer

Wonderful year round reading.  :D

5.0 star rating on Amazon
4.6 star rating on Goodreads


This book contains four heartwarming stories about our feline friends and the humans who love them.

Slipper's Last Breath

For most people Christmas is a time for reflection, a time to share and celebrate with family and friends, but for some it is a time of sadness and quiet desperation. What if your soul mate, best friend and lover is no longer around to share in the season of joy and you are about to lose the last remaining link to a life you once knew and loved. Would you find the strength to survive? Slipper's Last Breath is a story about love, companionship and triumph over tragedy.

Some might call it a Christmas miracle, but I call it the power of unconditional love.

The Unwrapped Gift

Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones. After enduring the heartbreak of a bad marriage, Beth is in no mood to celebrate the Christmas season. It's sad enough spending the holidays alone, but watching Spice, her five-year-old Labrador retriever, mope around the house was more than she could bear. A visit to Miller's tree farm to cheer up her canine companion leads to an unexpected find and the possibility of a new found relationship.

When she least expects it, Beth rediscovers love and the magic of Christmas.

A Charcoal Christmas

She was born under the loading dock behind Johnson's Market and lost her mother when she was only five weeks old. One of a litter of six, she and her siblings had to learn to fend for themselves at a young age. The life expectancy of a feral cat is short, but thanks to the generosity of a compassionate store owner, the kittens were well fed and enjoying their lives. Then one day a stranger appears and takes her away from the safety of her kin. Confused and frightened, she is forced to endure an uncaring human and ultimately the forces of nature, in hopes of returning to the ones she loves.

A Charcoal Christmas is a bittersweet tale of survival, hope and loving companionship.

Christmas Mourning

A troubled priest struggling with doubts about his faith and vocation has an unexpected encounter with a stray, weather-beaten black cat. When Father Pedro decides to provide warmth and shelter for the lost creature, he has no idea how this simple act of kindness will impact his life forever.

A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales  Print Edition $4.99 (Amazon)

A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales  Print Edition $4.99 (Createspace)

A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales Ebook Edition $2.99

Download the ebook version free, when you purchase a print version from Amazon.

Dear Reader: Please be aware that this is not a children's book. The subject matter in the stories is for adults.   

Writers' Cafe / Re: Problem with a Logical Table of Contents (TOC)
« Last post by MClayton on Today at 04:38:15 AM »
I uploaded the docx version, rather than the HTML version to Amazon ... and it worked! I now have a complete Logical TOC with no junk words anywhere to be seen. ;D Thanks so much!

You're welcome - glad it worked!
You can run AMS ads (available on the Amazon US website only) if you have the book available on Amazon pre-order. No reviews can be posted until publication day, so you're reliant on a good ad, cover & blurb. I made sure my ads mentioned my e-book was on pre-order, as some people want an instant read and you don't want to pay for wasted clicks. It was on offer at a lower price than the other books in its series during the pre-order phase, and that worked well. I also ran a relatively short pre-order period of three weeks, so readers were buying the same month of publication and didn't have to wait too long for it to be delivered. For longer pre-order periods, you'll need to consider the best time to start spending your marketing dollars.
Writers' Cafe / Re: What drives you to write?
« Last post by kjharlow on Today at 04:32:39 AM »
Kjharlow - I didn't grow up and become an adult. I didn't get married or have children or force myself into a full time job.

Like you, I was writing hard in high school. But there was no award ceremony for me. The teachers and classes were nothing more than a hindrance constantly getting in the way of my writing. I gave them manuscripts to read and they were impressed by the SIZE of them, but this didn't count towards my curriculum. It was a hobby. If I wasn't studying or doing homework then I was wasting time.

Similarly in adult life I have had to put up with more obstacles. Sometimes revolving around employment IE employers or work for the dole or case managers. I've had few friends and or relationships that had any interest in reading my work. My writing has always made me weird in the eyes of others, yet I've found that after the jobs and friends and loves fade away, it is only the writing that remains. It remains the only thing I care about. And the only thing that won't betray me.

G'day Shane,

Firstly great to see another Aussie here. Thanks also for the subscribe on the YouTube channel! I know what you mean about the writing being the thing that stands by you. It's the one true reflection of your soul and cathartic. You can't help but leave a bit of you in every book you write, even if it is fiction.

Congratulations on the two books you've published so far. Onward and upward!
Writers' Cafe / Re: How are your novelettes doing?
« Last post by Lee Carlon on Today at 04:32:26 AM »
Picky Android, Amanda wrote a whole novel while you were reading this comment.   ;)

Or was it four novellas?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Wanting to Revive Dead Books
« Last post by Will Edwards on Today at 04:23:22 AM »
I've had plenty of experience with books that are dead in the water  ;D I have 4 x pen names and only 1 is working reasonably well. Recently, I have been playing about, with one particular pen name and have managed to get 2 books (that were dead) selling. Not in huge quantities - in fact, only in small quantities. But nevertheless, selling without marketing effort, which, at least in my book, makes them a success.

It was a surprise to me that it happened, but I made all of my books - for that particular pen name - free. I figured that I preferred them to be read rather than dead (quite a nice phrase that). Anyway, I sat back and watched the stats for a couple of weeks. Several of them started doing well (in terms of downloads and reviews). One book in particular seemed to be getting more and more downloads, so I wondered what would happen if I left that book as free and set all the others back to paid. Result? Two of them started selling; the remainder went back to the dungeon. It is a small success for me and I am happy with it.

With regard to your books, as others have said, you have lovely covers and your writing seems good, from the 'look inside' feature. So I think you should just keep on going. Make your first book free and promote the hell out of it. Somewhere along the road, you are going to connect with your readers.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Problem with a Logical Table of Contents (TOC)
« Last post by Paul Mathews on Today at 04:17:23 AM »
Paul, you mentioning HTML just triggered a memory. This came up some time ago - months, maybe a year or longer. Try uploading just the Word doc, without saving as HTML first. I'm willing to bet your TOC will show up.

I uploaded the docx version, rather than the HTML version to Amazon ... and it worked! I now have a complete Logical TOC with no junk words anywhere to be seen. ;D Thanks so much!
I would suggest seeking out an interview she did on her podcast with some Dragon guru guy, his name escapes me, but it really convinced me that Dragon was the way to go.)

His name is Scott Baker and he's incredibly helpful. He runs courses for dictating with Dragon, plus he has a couple of books available on Amazon that I found extremely useful, and full of important tips. In addition, he's a regular contributor to a Facebook page for authors called Dragon Riders, which is full of helpful suggestions for using Dragon in your writing.
Congrats to Lila James  :P

Julianne I've downloaded a copy as well  :D

Good luck to all still in the game. I keep nominating from Steve's list dutifully and of course keep an anxious eye on my own book Freyja's Torc  8)
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