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Never had it, never will.

If I want to read something, I check the library first. If I can't get it from the library or I want it immediately, I'll cough up the coffee money to buy the book and move on. I don't have a lot of time for reading, though, so I've never seen a value in KU for me.
Writers' Cafe / New EU Copyright law - not GDPR
« Last post by Ros_Jackson on Today at 12:41:12 PM »
The Digital Single Market Copyright Directive hasn't yet made it into law, but it's nearing its final stages.

Perhaps the three most contentious clauses are clause 11 which relates to linking with snippets to press publishers (the Link Tax); clause 13 changing the liability for websites allowing user-generated content so that they have to check uploads for infringement; and clause 3 changing the exceptions for text and data mining of books.

I haven't found many accessible summaries of the contents of this proposed law, but it looks like it has the potential to affect most writers to some extent, especially those with a blog.

Checks on UGC are where I have the most mixed feelings. I'm not keen on people being able to upload books without permission, obviously. But I'm not sure this law will make any practical difference to the level of piracy, whilst the cost of putting it into practice might stop smaller social networks from getting off the ground.
Writers' Cafe / "The EU is not the government of the world"
« Last post by ET on Today at 12:37:14 PM »
Another perspective on this:

"The EU is not the United Nations. They are not the government of the world. They are the government of Europe. Their laws apply to European citizens and European companies. If you are not a European citizen or company, they can't force you to follow EU regulations."

To be clear: I don't currently spam anyone or engage in dodgy marketing techniques. Nor do I plan to start.

With that said, I don't really care about GDPR, one way or the other. I don't live in the EU.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Are you GDPR compliant?
« Last post by Kwrite on Today at 12:32:47 PM »
That's odd. I didn't get any code in mine. I did get some long links to explain the cookie's origin.

My report was in all code. I don't know a lot about coding, but I know enough that usually I can figure things out. This I couldn't. However, I realize that I do have cookies in things such as my newsletter sign up forms. It prevents a person from signing up to the same mailing list more than once. Also my social media icons probably have cookies embedded in them. I went ahead and created a cookie policy and added a WP cookie plug in so when someone comes to my website they can accept/reject or click to read my cookie policy.

**Note: I'm pretty clueless about these sorts of things if my questions/comments aren't indicative of that fact.  ;D
Writers' Cafe / How much do we really need to worry about this, anyway?
« Last post by ET on Today at 12:24:11 PM »
Disclaimer: I'm assuming that no one here is engaging in outright spammy techniques, but just standard, above-board, good-faith indie author promotional techniques.

And if we're talking standard indie author mailing lists, etc, I'd say follow the new procedures that Mail Chimp has set up, and be done with it. Don't redesign your entire website and agonize over this, though.

If you're in the US, and therefore out of EU jurisdiction, how much sleep should you really loose over GDPR compliance? My guess is: Not much. As another poster said, most of the EU countries are non-English-speaking, anyway.

Is the EU really going to go after an indie author in the US because your mailing list or website don't correspond 100% to the GDPR regulations (which will surely evolve over time)? Will they even be in a position to do this, so long as you aren't engaging in something that is blatantly unethical?

Think about our current administration (whether you like it or hate it). Can you really see our government cooperating with an overzealous EU bureaucrat who wants to prosecute an indie author in Iowa over a mailing list form?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Are you GDPR compliant?
« Last post by Bill Hiatt on Today at 12:13:23 PM »
Mine came back as a PDF that was pretty readable. Some of the descriptions of the individual cookies were code that I couldn't make much of, but if the whole thing was a bunch of code, there was probably a problem with the e-mail or report generation.
That's odd. I didn't get any code in mine. I did get some long links to explain the cookie's origin.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover recommendations?
« Last post by KD Ritchie on Today at 12:12:46 PM »
My thing if Fantasy! Feel free to check out Story Wrappers:

My custom ebook and print cover is $270:

Cheers :)
Personally I recognize the fact that not only will I never be perfect, I'm not even a good writer. Heck, I'm in the bottom half of the general population in terms of writing ability and vocabulary. So, it's futile trying to aim for perfection.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon adopting the blockchain technology
« Last post by AsianInspiration on Today at 12:08:39 PM »
Not sure what the hell this means - so it's like sharing stuff on Snapchat or something??  "Peer-to-peer."  Not sure I like the sound of that - as one will only get to see what is shared with you...

No, what it means is that there is no central authority you have to go through. Think of Amazon, the US government, etc, those are central authorities that can control what you do to some extent; blockchains try to bypass those central authorities to a large degree.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover recommendations?
« Last post by RBC on Today at 12:07:06 PM » - she's good and is at $250.
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