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Didi Matteus is 24 years old, blonde, attractive, and good at her job. Itís her vocation, her callingÖitís all she knows.

When Tom Feeney discovers that a group of hackers have compromised a Government code, he reports it to his boss.

Now people are dying, and Didi is doing what she knows best.

Free to download today & tomorrow (December 30th & 31st 2013)

I was just wondering, do most of the authors here work/not work?
I'm curious because I see some people have five/six maybe more books published. I've heard some people say the write maybe four books a year.
Maybe I'm just a slow writer, but with work and life's other bits and bobs, it took me over a year of my spare time to write one novel!

Also, having seen how some authors recommend giving their first book free as a sample of what they write (a lead in to their other books), I decided to write a (shorter)prequel to my novel, and give that away. I did the majority of it in two weeks (two working days included) averaging about 1150 words per day. Is that good/bad/average?

Like I said, just wondering how other authors get their writing done?


Writers' Cafe / Authors - A Cautionary Tale...
« on: September 21, 2013, 10:57:12 AM »
Hi all,
Just because your book isn't getting downloads on Amazon, doesn't mean nobody's reading it!
I ran a Google search for my book 'Running on Empty - Roger Barry' yesterday, and although it's Amazon listing came up first, another site (which I won't name because I'm not sure about forum rules etc) also came up on the first search page.
Someone had posted the synopsis of my book, word for word, together with a link to a full download of it on another hosting site.
I was more than a little taken aback to discover there had been 174 illegal downloads of my book!
I've only had a handful of download sales for my book so far, partially (I'm hoping) because few know it actually exists!

So, 18 months of my spare time writing, editing, and rewriting, with an outlay of hundreds of $$$ of my own hard earned cash for cover design, mobi conversion etc, etc, ..only for someone to rip it off and stick it up for free illegal downloads...
I was not a happy bunny!
Any of you who's written a book will know the effort involved, and a 320pp book doesn't just write itself. :-X
I decided to post a note to the 174 downloaders, in the hope of something good coming from something bad.
I introduced myself as the author, and asked them politely, that if they had in fact read the book and enjoyed it, would they oblige me and maybe take a few minutes to post a favourable review?
I then sent a message to the moderators of said site, informing them that I was the author, and there was a post on their site that infringed my copyright.
I left it for a bit and checked back later.
When I tried to log on, I was blocked from their site for 'spamming'    Period Blocked? - Forever!
Apparently it's perfectly ok to rip off someone's copyrighted work, but not ok for the owner of said work to, even politely, make contact with these people?

I'm wondering, and asking you authors out there, is this unusual, or a regular occurrence to those hoping to promote their book on the WWW?

See Below... ;D

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