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Kindle Edition published 2016-01-12
Bestseller ranking: 757432

Product Description
With the odd disappearance of her parents, Gussie Gibson has lived her entire life with her granny on a peaceful pecan orchard, owned by the meanest man in all of Georgia—Mr. J.P. Combs. Granny teaches Gussie many valuable life lessons as a black woman growing up in the still-segregated south. Mr. Combs is an evil underhanded banker who takes liberties beyond his privilege. When Granny dies, Combs informs Gussie she owes him back rent—but he wants much more than money for payment—and more than Gussie can live with.
After defending herself against his sexual advances, Gussie flees to escape certain vigilante justice when she meets a charming, handsome stranger, Sam Johnson, who is just returning from World War II.
Gussie and Sam’s friendship is short-lived when Mr. Combs hunts her down and drags her back to Green Ridge, driven by his craving for revenge and a grudge too deep to comprehend. Gussie fights to return to Sam and his lo...

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Not Quite Kindle / Re: Words With Friends 2
« Last post by Jim Johnson on Today at 08:54:12 AM »
I downloaded the WWF2 app and don't see any issues with it. Some new functions and features, but nothing that impacts game play significantly. I can always use more games--JimJohnson9999.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I wrote a 30k word romance novella in 8 hours
« Last post by Steve Margolis on Today at 08:51:59 AM »
I can't understand how somebody can dictate a novel. I'm the kind of writer who's constantly deleting, moving things around, pausing mid-sentence just to spend five minutes figuring out how to best frame the second half of the current sentence, and so on.

Yes. This.   :D
Hello. I am thinking of dipping into the Amazon ads pool, so maybe I should polish the blurb for my first and only book, Izzie Firecracker and the last of the family diamonds.  Here it is below. Any ideas to make it more exciting? Shall I miss out the first short paragraph, move it further down, and get straight to the action?  All opinions gratefully and humbly received. Thanks!


"A fun and uplifting book mainly set in a decadent 1980's and 1990's London. It includes romance, glamour, and intrigue, with a sprinkling of self-help.

Martha is having fantasies about bumping off her husband, Carlotta wants to get rid of her lentil-obsessed lazy layabout boyfriend, and posh Portia of Chelsea is dying of sadness and boredom...in and out of the bedroom.

The three women are sick of their mundane lives and yearn for new more exciting ones, fast - before one of them ends up on trial for murder! They've lost their joie de vivre and given away their power: Trapped, depressed and deflated they reach their breaking points.

Can Izzie Firecracker, founder of the Second Chance Club in Mayfair help change their lives forever? Will they get their power back and find love? Will they manage to outwit the bullies and villains? Join the trio on their fun, enlightening journey and find out. And what have family diamonds got to do with anything. That's a sparkling secret.

If you're dreaming of a new life, Izzie Firecracker and the last of the family diamonds is a perfect pick-me-up."

I'd definitely lose that first sentence and basically tighten it up.

"Martha fantasizes about bumping off her husband. Carlotta wants to get rid of her lentil-obsessed layabout boyfriend. Posh Portia of Chelsea is dying of boredom ... in and out of the bedroom.

All three women are sick of their mundane lives and yearn for more exciting ones -- and Izzie Firecracker, founder of the Second Chance Club in Mayfair, may just have the answer. Izzie promises to help them change their lives forever, get their power back and find love, not to mention outwitting assorted bullies and villains. And  family diamonds ? That's a sparkling secret."

Writers' Cafe / Re: Premade Book Covers
« Last post by Lou Harpr on Today at 08:51:23 AM »

Fresh uploads, many genres. Urban fantasy, horror, techno thriller, scifi, paranormal, suspense, fantasy.

Fid them here: http://louharper.com/PremadeGallery.html

This ideal ebook store would offer better terms to authors than Amazon does, including transparent sales figures updated within a reasonable time, offers more than just one proprietary format for ebooks, doesn't have a dungeon for specific genres, and did I mention better terms for authors than Amazon provides?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Literary Fiction In Crisis...thoughts
« Last post by Doglover on Today at 08:49:02 AM »
I know one writer who has been working on her novel for 3.5 years with no end to her rewrite in sight. She is a literary fiction lover although her novel is genre fic. Maybe it's what they're taught about writing? With genre fic, story is the most important part. To someone writing lit fic, it's the words, which my friend polishes over and over and over again. It makes me sad to watch. So all that time spent on a novel is confusing to me, too.
I have read some books with fantastic prose, really impressive. I've started these books thinking I was really going to enjoy this, because this author really knows how to write. But, often after two or three pages nothing has happened and I get a bit niggly and move on to something else.

I think George Elliott was this sort of writer. I remember reading some of her books at school, and it was that beautiful prose/no story that sticks in my mind.
The Book Corner / Re: Book blurbs - I'm never reading one again.
« Last post by Jim Johnson on Today at 08:44:58 AM »
The blurb's the first thing I read for ebooks before deciding to download the sample chapters or borrow it off KU. Cover and title don't mean much to me--I want to know what sort of story the book is about before cracking the cover.
Vellum's great for ebooks, but I personally don't like their limited print capabilities. I'm pickier than most, and since I don't sell a lot of print editions anyway, I'm content to use my InDesign friends to get the paperbacks to look like how I want them to look.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Time To Wait For a Rejection?
« Last post by StephenBrennan on Today at 08:40:17 AM »
Thanks for the tip about Query Tracker. Looks like his average response time for positive responses is about a month, while his negative responses typically come after 65 days.

I guess I'll give the guy a few more weeks, but this is pretty much why I avoided traditional publishing in the first place. Life's too short.

If I have missed anyone please let me know either with a PM or by posting a link here in the thread.

Hello Steve and everyone in this thread!

Could you please add my book to your list?


This is my first novel and first time with KS, so I'm anxious to see how it all turns out.
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