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Since Pronoun announced they were shutting down, I've been getting a lot of questions about ebook distribution and which aggregators to use. So I took a deep dive into famous ones like D2D (my favorite) or Smashwords and more recent ones like PublishDrive and Streetlib and devised a distribution setup that would reach over 60 retailers without creating any duplicates.

It basically involves:
  • Using D2D for all their retailers, library distributors, and other distribution outlets
  • Using PublishDrive to reach Google Play and all outlets not covered by D2D
  • Using Smashwords and Streetlib to reach other niche stores
To avoid duplicates, you need to know which distributors reaches which outlet, and I compiled all that info into a spreadsheet.

It means any changes/updates to your books need to be made on all the aggregators, which can be a pain, and you obviously shouldn't expect many sales on the niche international stores. But if you're going to be wide, you might as well be on as many places as possible!

Any feedback or corrections on the spreadsheet are more than welcome :)

As some of you know, we've been running Reedsy for 15 months now. This has given us a good insight into the average market price for services like editing, proofreading, cover and interior design. So we thought we'd make that data public, and put it into a nice infographic.
You can take a look at it here.

Is that in line with what you've seen out there?

As co-founder of Reedsy, I wanted to introduce you all to our brand new Reedsy Book Editor, and seek your feedback on it (I know, risky…).

In a nutshell, it's an online, browser-based writing tool that allows authors to:
  • write, copy-paste, or import a document into the editor (import is coming in a month or two)
  • add images, scene breaks and end notes; move chapters around; set the front and back matter
  • export a clean ePub that can be turned into a flawless .mobi on Amazon afterwards
  • export a professionally typeset print-ready PDF file – choice between 2 templates, many more coming.We've worked with the Ingram Spark team to make sure all our PDF files are perfectly compliant with their requirements.

More about all this on the book editor's landing page. Please note that we need to update some of the images on the landing page, which don't reflect what our books look like. I'd love to have your thoughts, both on the idea, and on the actual tool if you get to test it.

Reedsy and are co-organizing a writing competition for thriller authors. You can find more info on the homepage, but to keep this short:
  • entry is free
  • cash prizes + free edits and cover designs for the winners
  • open to anyone in the UK or US (over 18) with a thriller novel
  • you must have the ebook & print rights to said novel
  • deadline for entry is March 31st

Full disclosure: I'm a founder at Reedsy, so feel free to ask me any questions about the competition in this thread!

Writers' Cafe / Editing Categories Definition
« on: August 19, 2015, 07:40:19 AM »
Hey everyone! We were getting a lot of questions from authors lately at Reedsy about what the different categories of editing mean (developmental, content, structural, copy, line, proofreading, etc.). So we put some of our editors to work and designed this page with some clearcut definitions:

I'd love the community's feedback on them! Does it correspond to what you're used to seeing?

I'm preparing a post on author bundling and have several examples in mind that I will explore, but I'd welcome any thoughts on it, especially from indie authors who have tried it. If it has worked very well for you, please explain quickly what you think you have done right, and vice-versa if it was not a success. I'll obviously mention my sources in the post.

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